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We are here to introduce our amazing shoe cleaning line. It is the best way to clean, deodorise and prolong the life of your favourite sneaker, leather shoe and more!

Want cleaner Sneakers?

With our amazing cleaning products, it’s easy to keep your footwear looking clean and fresh!

Our Shoe Shampoo is ideal for cleaning sneakers, using a soft bristle brush and cloth to scrub and wipe away tough dirt and make the soles bright and clean like new!

For a day to day clean we love the Spray and Wipe solution is an easy clean and go for all sneakers, shoes and sandals.

Our amazing Shoe Leather Cream is ideal for leather shoes, bags, jackets or any leather item that needs hydrating for longer-lasting wear/use life.

Need to freshen up? The Sneaker and Cap Fresh is the ideal spray for shoes, gym bags, caps and more.

CSC Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit

Launching the

All-in-one Premium Sneaker Kit

Our all-in-one Premium Sneaker Care Kits is the ultimate CSC starter kit!

The stylish kit container is a sturdy tube, housing the 6 products, this ensures your cleaning supplies are always together and ready for you!

This kit contains:

  • Shoe Shampoo
  • Spray & Wipe
  • Sneaker & Cap Fresh
  • Leather Cream
  • A Microfiber Cloth
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Cleaning Guide

The first 100 orders will get a free car diffuser.

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Our Product Range

We have an online store so feel free to browse our cleaning supplies and accessories. Read more about each product below or visit the shop and top up your kit.

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Shoe Shampoo

Do your stylish sneakers get dirty quickly?

Dirty sneakers are totes awks and makes you feel less confident to wear them.

The CSC sneaker care range can help you clean your sneakers effortlessly.

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Sneaker and Cap Fresh

Get fresh fast!

For a fast fresh fix use our Sneaker & Cap Fresh to deodorise and sanitise your Sneakers, Cap, Gym Bag or Cupboard.

This solution not only deodorises but also sanitises leaving your sneaker or cap confidently clean.

You’re only a few spritz away from fresh & clean.

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Spray and Wipe

You want to keep your sneakers out of the box clean!

But, how do you keep sneakers neat when you’re like so outgoing?

Now you can always have clean stylish sneakers and ooze confidence!

Your clean sneaker is just a Spray & Wipe away!

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Leather Cream

Ph Balanced Nourishing Leather Cream – your leathers new best friend.

 Hydrating leather products ensures flexibility and longevity. To keep your leather products around longer, use a good quality leather cream.

The CSC leather cream can be used on: Leather shoes, jackets, handbags and more.


How to use our Products

Use the Flip Cards below to learn how to effectively clean your shoes.

We will be adding videos soon. For now watch some on  TikTok or Instagram.

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Shoe Shampoo

Shoe Shampoo

The Shoe Shampoo was the first product produced in our range.


  1. Remove laces from your sneakers.
  2. Spray your Shoe Shampoo all over.
  3. Dampen your shoes and a soft bristle brush and start cleaning the shoe using circular motions.
  4. Scrub the Midsoles and Outer Soles
  5. Once cleaned, rinse your shoes very well.
  6. Clean your Shoe laces and leave your shoes out to dry for a day.

This formula was created by a Chemical Engineer to ensure the deepest clean.

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Spray and Wipe

Spray and Wipe

This easy to use Spray & Wipe Cleaning Solution cleans Sneakers and Caps effortlessly.

A few sprits onto your shoe, a quick buff and you’re good to go. Dries quickly for a wipe and wear.


  1. Brush off any dust before applying your cleaner. 
  2. Use either the brush or microfiber cloth to clean your shoe. 
  3. The solution will dry quickly so you can wear your shoes immediately. 

This formula was created by a Chemical Engineer to ensure quick drying and easy cleaning.

sneaker Anatomy
CSC Shoe Shampoo

Sneaker and Cap Fresh

Sneaker and Cap Fresh

Need to freshen up your Sneakers, Cap, Gym Bag or Cupboard. You’re only a few sprits away from smelling good.

This solution not only deodorises but also sanitises leaving you feeling fresh.


  1. Spray on odours: inside your shoe, gym bag, cap and more.
  2. Leave to dry before use.

This formula was created by a Chemical Engineer to ensure the odour is contained leaving a fresh clean scent.

CSC Shoe Shampoo

Leather Cream

Leather Cream

Leather shoes can last years if they are treated with some TLC. Our Leather Cream formula will hydrate and clean your leather items.


  1. Use a small amount of the leather cream on a soft microfiber cloth
  2. Using circular motions work the cream into your leather shoe.
  3. Now buff your shoe using a dry spot on your soft cloth until you’ve reached a nice sheen.

This formula was created by a Chemical Engineer to ensure the deepest hydration and longevity. 

Free Delivery!

Our delivery fee is set at R80. But if your order is over the value of R500 – it’s on us.


What else will you sell?

We will be adding shoe accessories soon! 

We have some ideas: Sox, lace beads and vinyl decals to help you express your individuality! 

What we’re working on

CSC Shoe Shampoo Sneaker cleaner

A Quote from Michael

Today I’ll be testing a new improved formula for the Shoe Shampoo so it works better, faster and penetrates deeper and also so the product rinses out quicker and easier, it will be a huge improvement on the shoe shampoo!

Cleaners for White Golf shoe

A Quote from Michael

Soon, I will be doing the golf edition shoe shampoo focused on grass stains and golf shoe problems.

Clean street culture logo

Clean Street Culture brings you an effortless way to clean and maintain your footwear. Our products were designed to be used on all sneaker materials and leather. These products are kind to your skin (avoid contact with eyes!)

Effortless cleaning for awesome people on the move!

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